Thursday, July 9, 2009

Technology Update

My scanner anxiety has been relieved. You know I've been struggling with it for a month. Finally the Nikon software experts have told me to send in the hardware for examination. I feel sure nothing is wrong with the scanner, but today I put it in the mail. Out of sight, out of mind. I can't scan any film if I wanted to. Forget the 1974 and 1979 pictures.

Epson is wonderful. I set up my printer easily enough on the new iMac. Downloaded the recommended version. Had a couple of problems. Went to Epson service, followed their suggestions, fixed it in five minutes. Wonder why Nikon can't do that. Think of my experience if you are ever considering anything with that name. The on-line service is lousy.

I'm getting used to Photoshop Elements 6. Differently arranged from old Photoshop 7, but seems to have everything. It's more user friendly, more great features. For example, there is the old tool for contrast/brightness, but another that adjusts the highlights, shadows, and middle contrast independently of each other.

Everything on my old computer has been saved to a stand-alone hard drive.

I'm enjoying using my Canon Powershot. It's the best camera I've ever used. Lens seems even sharper than Mr. Windsor's Nikon F with Nikormat lens. Extra sharp considering the Canon has an extreme-zoom lens. In 35 mm equivalent, it's like 24 mm to 500 mm. The perfect camera for the sportsman, which I'm not. The lens cannot be screwed off, keeping out the dirt. About a third of the cost of a Nikon.

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