Wednesday, November 18, 2009

1974 Herbert Clark's Cane Syrup

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Nov 13, 1974

What would the South be today if there had never been cane syrup? No tales by Jerry Clower on the Ledbetters vigorous sopping. No scene from "To Kill a Mocking Bird" of the humble worker pouring syrup over his greens. In a time of extreme hard work, biscuits and syrup were a daily staple and source of energy, and nobody got fat.
Herbert Clark and family maintained the tradition of growing cane, grinding out the juice and cooking the syrup longer than most other farm families. His relatives down toward Long Pond in 2009 have produced another cooking, and Rabun Clark's renowned syrup can be bought in Soperton at the local Crow-Mart.

Others that week: Football, I-16 construction, Mistake Beauty Pageant, Mrs. Rita Burke, TES students with Mr. Green and other students in Career Guidance.

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