Thursday, January 25, 2007

We're On Line Too

The Sign Man just finished his evening's work. It has been a quiet week in Lake Wobegon.... Sorry. It has been a quiet week in Soperton. We are so proud that Phillips Jennings' Turf Farm got the contract for providing turf for Super Bowl that the Sign Man gave both sides of the sign for two whole days!
Nobody has asked to post a birthday or anniversary during the past few days.

So here's what the Sign Man came up with:
On the northwest side-


And on the southeast side-


He had been watching me print out my blog. Why print it? For the guys down at the coffee shop. A couple of them read the daily big-city papers and they saw the word. I thought I'd show them what my blog looks like.

I haven't checked into blogging enough to know much about it. I thought it might ruin a good hobby if I knew too much.

My roommate at RIT, the second year, commented that all the study of photography did was to ruin a good hobby.

Too much of my life has been spent following the directions. Since there's not a lot time remaining I've decided to find some other approaches. Many people stumble through life and get by just fine. In fact, they get good at it. I should have started earlier.

A while back I sent a note to Bernie at NAAV about what I was doing to support a piece of legislation in Congress. He was mystified, and was wondering if I had the right number. I had already disposed of the note, so I wasn't sure. While printing the blog, it jumped right out at me. I had mentioned it in the blog and it WAS the wrong number! It seemed right at the time. Since my first stroke, I've had a quirk in which I can't remember more than 3 digits at a time. It's very frustrating with telephone numbers. There's no problem with visual numbers, but when somebody speaks a number, it gets all tangled and digits are transposed. This was the first time I had caught myself transposing visual numbers. I'm losing it! I'm losing it fast!

Anyway, I started early posting the Sign Man's signs to my blog. He comes up with some gems.

The guys at the coffee shop and the ones at Crow-Mart may be surprised to find the signs on-line, and the Sidewalk Gallery on-line. If we had broadband, I'd haul my PowerBook down the street and show them a lot of other things that they may be missing.

I haven't bothered to correct the legislation number on the bill. Since it died at the end of the year, it will be reintroduced in some form this year, but with a new number. If Congress can stretch it out long enough, all the Atomic Veterans will be dead and we won't have to worry about giving them any benefits.

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