Thursday, February 15, 2007

New Links

I've sadly neglected my original input lately. Too much going on, too little time to post.
Look for some new links: 1- Soperton weather thru msn; I saw it on a friend's computer and liked it. 2- Soperton's website. 3- Treutlen County Schools website. 4- Wheeler County Chamber of Commerce, a great one that is being updated. 5- Wheeler County Schools website.

As I write, the representatives in Congress are giving short speeches on the Iraq question. All of us are prejudiced by our backgrounds. I like the song "Onward Christian Soldiers, Marching As To War" but I really don't understand it. Could someone explain if a Savior, who gave up his own comfort and life, would or could ask us to take another's life in order to protect OUR comfort and lives. Be slow and careful in coming up with an answer. I haven't come up with one yet.

I hope that everyone who supports war, the current one or any other, will also support paying the entire cost of war. We've got a long way to go in compensating the veterans of the Vietnam era. I've been fighting VA, going on two years, but I'm not likely to ever see a penny, considering the puny budgets for veterans. I wear an old hearing aid that has been repaired, likely for the last time. VA will not even provide a hearing exam for me. My hearing problem is otosclerosis, a genetic disease. None of my relatives have it, but science shows that ionizing radiation contributes to the disease. I was exposed while I was in the Army at the Nevada Test Site. When the atmospheric testing went underground, the contamination stayed underground in the tunnels I worked in. There are a million Atomic Veterans who have been exposed. It would cost about $3 billion to give all of those veterans 100% disability. A paltry amount considering the tens of billions we are spending in Iraq.

Sold a few pictures recently. Enough to pay for paper and a little bit of ink for the thirsty printer. Paying off the computer, printer, and scanner will be amortized over several years - long enough for the equipment and me to be obsolete. As the good doctor said, "I have a dream."

Enough said? More than enough!

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