Friday, September 7, 2007


I've been reading an advance copy of Cynthia Reese's latest Harlequin novel "Where Love Grows," which is on their top 10 list for small-town novels.

It's about a 32-year-old eligible farmer trying to look after his grandmother, Mee-Maw, and to save the family farm. The heroine, after losing her job in the city, goes to work for her widowed Daddy who has a business checking out suspicious agricultural insurance claims. When she goes to check out things in a southeast Georgia county, she finds that the good-looking farmer to be one of the suspects in a possible scam. Although he knows that an investigator is coming, when they meet (at a children's soccer game) he can't take his eyes off her.

The Reese's late Aunt Lou, who died from cancer, two years ago, is the inspiration for Mee Maw. Old-fashioned, tell-it-like-it is outspoken and practical, and a heart of gold!

Another inspiration for Cynthia was their young daughter's love of a Kenny Chesney song, "She Thinks My Tractor Is Sexy."

Cynthia remarks in the book: "I listened to those lyrics ad infinitum, and I started to wonder about a gal who thinks a farmer is her Prince Charming. Who would she be? What would the farmer be like?
"The real idea for the book took root when I heard a National Public Radio series on farm scams. Now I was raised as a country girl, and the idea that a few so-called farmers out there were messing things up for the rest of the hardworking farmers got my dander up."

No man can really understand a good romance as a woman can, but I'm already to the fifth chapter of an advance copy. I like it a lot, and I feel sure that most women will enjoy it even more.

When you are in Soperton, stop by Soperton Pharmacy, and ask Wesley Crowe if the books are in. (Check out my "picture show" at the Moring windows, too.)

"Where Love Grows" can be ordered from Harlequin, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble on the internet.
It will be on shelves in all Wal-Mart stores sometime during October, but don't count on it being there come November.

Cynthia's other contracted titles:
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