Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Reggie Evans Slept Here


Mayoral candidate Reggie Evans may not have been born in a log cabin, but for a while he and all Evans family lived in one of Soperton's oldest houses. It could be seen in a photograph made in 1908. This is how the house appeared 30 years ago, before the Board of Education bought the property and demolished the house. The two hardwood trees are still standing in 2007.
Foreground: The concrete slab for the new Training Center was being finished.

Other pix that wseek:Family Day at Nursing Home, the McLendon's mother cat and kittens, inspiring Jeanne's first column, football practice, Cheryl Peterson employed by the Extension Service, Cub Scouts Stephen Hall and Johnny Sweat, action photos of Cubscouts.

Posted by Bill Ricks of Soperton

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