Sunday, December 23, 2007


Since my last post I've spent over two weeks in the hospital, and I'm still not quite "up to snuff".

The Sign Man has a good camera for picturing the signs, but I haven't set up the linkage for downloading. I'm very sorry that you missed the signs, because people have told me he had some great ones while I was out.

I went back to my job last Monday, and work was quite a strain. Today I worked on photos, crashed the computer a couple of times, thought I had ruined the negative scanner, but the problem was just one film strip. The prints are ready for the windows at Morings, and I will try to load the December photos on the blog tomorrow.

The 30-Year-Ago photo project was started a year ago, December 2006. I'm grateful for the Morings providing the window space, and thanks to Google for the free blogspot.

Especially I thank everybody who commented on the Sign Man's work, the blog jokes and features, the old photos on the blog, my Vietnam photos that are sadly neglected, and all you young folks in your 20's, 30's, and 40's who I've seen staring in the windows at Morings. You have made my life seem more worthwhile this year. Thank You!

Bill Ricks of Soperton

Ask your friends to Google up my blog. Try Soperton Ricks Bill (the 3 words in any order) should get it.

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