Saturday, May 2, 2009

1974 - Gillis Mill at Smutt

74 0501 06
May 1, 1974
Photographer's self-portrait: Oh to be young with a thick head of dark hair! How time slips away. The scene is the old Gillis Mill on Tiger Creek in the Smutt area. (Smutt had the Post Office which was relocated to Soperton). Old maps show that there was a road that came in from the north. At the time of the photo, the mill remnants were just north of the loop road that went past Mabel Gillis's and Theo Gillis's. Now the split road has two components, Old Mill Road and Smutt Crossing.

Others that week: Lots of pictures of the Treutlen Relays, Game Wardens, Peterson Band, baseball team, house fire.

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