Friday, December 18, 2009

Just Wondering - Sports and Politics

I haven't thought through the subject, and maybe your thoughts would help. Do attitudes about sports carry over to attitudes about politics?

Fans choose sides. Example: UGA fans love their team and consider them to be number one under any circumstance. Actually spending time and money to attend a "don't matter" bowl game. Hate Tech; hate Florida. Would die if the UGA administration tried to hire a winning Spurrier. No criticism here; just characteristics of good solid fans.

Is it the same in politics?  Do voters chose one party and stick with it in thick or thin? If a person votes for Obama, do they think that everything he has done is okay. If a person votes for McCain, do they think that everything Obama has done is wrong?

While we're thinking, what do you think about TV wrestling? Is it real, theater, or art? Is it like politics. Never-changing symbols of good and evil? For or against? What about when heroes become villains and vice versa?

As Larry King would ask "What do you make of that?"

See the Soperton Sign Man's signs on TREUTLEN E-NEWS:

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Joel Edge said...

I would hope that people don't treat politics like sports. That being said, some people will always vote a certain party. "My daddy and my daddy's daddy voted Democrat". A lot of times even when it's not in their countries best interest. Fortunately will the coming of the internet there has an increase of so called independents. I'm not an independent, I just think it shows people area paying more attention to politics in this country. Maybe it will cause politicians to become more performance oriented. If you don't keep or get the economy corrected in an understandable period of time, you're out of a job. What I'm reading recently some of the safe seats of some reps may be in danger in 2010. Mostly because of the economy.
Wrestling, I loved at one time. Good versus evil. Like everything else it changed.