Tuesday, March 6, 2007

1970 Railroad Avenue Downtown

This shot was made in 1970, I think, maybe 1969. I mislaid the negative after scanning, so I can't be sure. But it does look like it was made with my 28 mm wideangle on my Asahi Pentax Spotmatic that I bought the first week I was in Vietnam.
I was standing in front of the old railroad depot that was later converted into the City Hall. It was after a rain; the sun was out. The scene was dramatic. The negative was attacked with mildew, leaving distracting splotches on the clear sky. I used some unharmed areas and cloned them over the entire sky area, very painstakingly. It was a few hours work, but it looks pretty good.
Notice the old cars. The newest one is the Mustang, just the other side of the 1954 Ford. Mustang started in 1965.

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