Saturday, March 31, 2007

1973 Feb. 10 Main Street in the Big Snow

The viewpoint was only a few steps from that of my "Soperton Depot in the Big Snow" which you may find at my link for "All of My Blog Photos". Click on the millhouse album cover to see it and other photos from the blog.

The Depot shot is a thing of beauty, but the slush of Main Street is what I remember from Rochester. Since I was driving the only vehicle in a 1,000 miles that had snow tires, I considered the situation being prophetic that I was destined to be the "Snapshooter of Soperton". A friend recently advised that the Lord was telling me to use those tires to head back to snow country, and that he was showing me it could be miserable here, too. "Get ye hence to back to where you came from; marry one them yankee women; have a bunch of kids (all inheriting PKD), take a job with SUNY Brockport, and retire to Florida".

If I done wrong, Lord forgive me.

A copy of this shot is posted on the front door of Crow-Mart, the former location of Red's IGA. Don't forget to pick up some fishbait from Mr. Moxley, and ask Mr. Byrd about the Coke sign and the gas station.

Mr. Crowe at the Pharmacy is the first retailer offering the Harlequin SuperRomance by local author Cynthia Reese. He ordered them from the Harlequin website. It will be another week or two before Wal-Mart has them.

Meet Joe and Sara Tennyson; they are our kind of folks.

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