Wednesday, October 17, 2007

New Signs Today

Grahl Moxley's birthday will be Saturday, and we are celebrating already.

We send our best wishes to Herman and Velda Beasley on their special day.


We will miss Mr. Glisson who died last Friday. Click on my obituaries link and leave a comment with the Sammons website. He escorted me to the places where so many of my blog photos were made (Brantley Ricks and Holmes Thigpen are two). He was certainly legendary.

For reflection:
If you think that the statements below are inaccurate, explain why:
You can tell a Republican by the e-mails that he or she forwards.
You can't tell a Democrat that way, as he spends more time on CSPAN or NPR than on e-mail "forwards".

Posted by Bill Ricks of Soperton

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