Saturday, October 13, 2007

Sign Man Experiment

We're testing a new way of posting The Sign Man's signs. Wonder why we haven't been doing it this way all the time? I write this, we haven't seen the results. I hope they are good.

Here goes.............

Posted by Bill Ricks of Soperton

PS - You can tell your friends if they use Google, all they've got to do to find my blog is type Bill Ricks of Soperton or Ricks Soperton or even Bill Ricks, and they should find it on the first page.

Seems to work okay. Congratulations Jessica McDaniel! The Sign Man welcomes another new business, Hub Communications, to Main Street (in the next block south of The Signs) It's across the alley from Wesley Crowe's Soperton Pharmacy, which is an outlet for Cynthia Reese's Harlequin Romance novels. Wesley has just put in a Picture Station - a considerable investment in Soperton. It includes high tech equipment from Sony and Epson. The prints are done almost instantly, and they are fine quality for affordable prices.
It accepts all camera cards and sticks and CD's. You digital images can be preserved on a CD for a modest price. It's going to be a great asset for my work and that of the Sign Man. Just about everybody is going digital nowadays, and it is great that we don't have to leave town for such an outstanding service.

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