Saturday, October 6, 2007

Thanks for noticing

Sometimes I think that nobody is reading this blog, but we have to have faith that there's water down below. I another life I wrote a weekly newspaper column, and the comments, letters, even cussing was very spare.

Lately some people are checking my blog frequently enough that they actually miss it and say so. Whatever reason, they never respond on the blog comment provision, only by writing to my Google e-mail address.

Anyhoo, I do appreciate their missing my words and pictures.

After weeks of getting things in order, Dr. Bobby Smith of Cardiology of Georgia (Piedmont Hospital) presented me with an ICD (Implanted Cardiac Device) also known as a defibrillator. One friend asked "Does that mean you can't tell fibs anymore? I hope not, or my communications will become even duller than they are already.

The President vetoed the CHIP legislation, setting the stage for next year's election, testing the knowledge of today's generation about the U. S. Constitution and history. Only a few are still living who remember the state of the nation 75 years ago. The question is whether or not the majority prefer a Herbert Hoover or a Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Posted by Bill Ricks - the Snapshooter of Soperton

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