Monday, March 29, 2010

1985 Apples for the Students

85 0327

Bill Gates saw the "windows" idea on a visit to Xerox, came up with his program and sold it to IBM but retained the right to license it to other manufacturers. But Apple was the pioneer for educational computers and later became dominant for publishing and graphics.  Beth Durden, Stevie Gillis, and Robbie Ware showed off the first computers at THS, three Apple IIe's. The same week the Soperton News became one of the first newspapers to implement ZIP plus 4 in their computer files.

Others that week: Farm Bureau and Sheriff Hooks sponsored a fingerprinting program for all three schools, spring football game, Lions Club fundraiser- fried chicken, Primary kids, confiscated whiskey, Cancer Society Kick-Off, baseball.

William A. Ricks

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