Sunday, April 4, 2010

1975 Treutlen Forestry Contestants

75 0402
April 2, 1975

The third annual Treutlen Forestry Pageant was planned, and these are the senior contestants. For posterity, please help identify the ladies by leaving comments.

Others that week: First track meet of the year, Scouts tending the R.R. Ave roses, TPS program, KG kids visit local farms, Carmen Heath with her Yorkshire pigs, Beta Club sponsored egg hunt for Day Care Center, Baseball, Sidney Smith retirement, and Dale McDaniel with Soperton's mosquito sprayer.


Anonymous said...

Love them bell-bottoms!

Anonymous said...

L2R: Teresa McLendon Hayes, Joanne Mimbs,Debbie Carter, Debbie Joiner Koon, Sherry Heath Dorsey, Bessie McClendon, Priscilla Crumpler, ?, Kim Cammack Wren

Anonymous said...

From Cathy, JJJ, and others:

LtoR: Theresa McLendon, Joanne Mimbs, Debbie Carter, Debbie Joiner, Sherrian Heath, Theresa Walker, Priscilla Crumpler, Bessie McClendon , Kim Cammack