Friday, April 9, 2010

1980 TPS Flooded Basement

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April 9, 1980

Boys playing in the basement at Treutlen Primary School. The bathrooms flooded when it rained, requiring boards for a footbridge. The Board of Education received a grant of $1/4 million to move the restrooms to a separate new building and to create a new media center in the basement.

Others that week: Baseball, Dianne Cooper's 1st grade, Maurita Ricks's 2nd grade, hit and run at the courthouse, TES outstanding students, THS Hi-Y won state honors, planning for MOD Superwalk, Sandi Brinson and Ronda Sammons received 2nd place state literary honors, Nan Ellington with "her" big dogwood tree across the street from the Georgia Power building.

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Chuck Hutcheson said...

I remember classes 'down below'. There was Mrs. Ricks' 2nd grade class (which I was a member) which faced town, and we had music class in a lower room on the Vidalia side of the building.

There were many frisbee sessions out on the playground those years, along with kickball & jump rope. I had to receive stitches on two separate occasions from playing on the playgrounds there. Heck, I'd acquired three doctors office visits for stitches on three different occasions before I reached 8 years old.

I remember the library was on the front side of the building, facing the railroad tracks. Kindergarten used to be in the old gym with the three classrooms next to the gym floor, the lunchroom was new then, and there was the "first grade" building, which was newer than the old building. In my dad's day, the old gym there was for the Treutlen County Panthers high school games & events. There was the old press box up there, too.

I remember many gatherings in the auditorium upstairs of the "flooded" areas. Do they ever use that auditorium anymore? Lot of great memories!