Tuesday, April 20, 2010

1975 Bonus Shot

75 0416 05
April 16, 1975

The four finalists of the third annual Treutlen County Forestry Pageant. Let's see who will be the first commenter to identify the four ladies and the order they placed.

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Anonymous said...

Jean Ellington Stafford- Diana Ware, Sherry Dorsey and ???

Laurie Hutcheson Peavy- Pricilla Crumpler

Jackie Heath- Kim Cammack, Diana Ware, Sherry Heath, Priscilla Crumpler

Jack E Josey Jr- I will be the first to say...LOVELY LADIES! All of them standing together may have started one of those historic Soperton fires. :-)

Jean Ellington Stafford- Of course!!!

Jackie Heath- Sorry, I was just proud to identify them. I'm guessing on the order. Diana Ware because of the crown, Sherry Heath, because she is beautiful and my sister-in law, Kim Cammack, because she is sweet as sugar and Priscilla Crumple because she is just so darn cute.

William A. Ricks- Very good! All of you! Jackie, you are right about Diana. Who was first runner-up?

Jackie Heath- Kim Cammack?

William A. Ricks- Right again, Jackie! KIm was first runner-up. Then Sherry and Priscilla. I respectfully agree with Mr. Josey.