Friday, April 16, 2010

1975 Third Forestry Pageant

75 0416 01
April 16, 1975

The Treutlen County Forestry Pageant began in the old Primary Gymnasium, home of Soperton/Treutlen Panther basketball, and it was still being held in the gym in 1975. Notice the Track Team sign, the backboard, and the open stage area which was later closed in for Kindergarten classroom. Again, we need help identifying the high school contestants. This is just about half of the contestants, and the winner is not in this view. Can you name the winner?

Others that week: Governor George Busbee at Dr. McNair's Bird Supper, various school children photos, and lots of pageant pictures.


diana said...

The winner was Diana Ware,

diana said...

Diana Ware was the winner.