Friday, April 23, 2010

1980 Bo Gillis's Men's Softball Team

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April 23, 1980

Mr. Norman Gillis, Jr.'s team took first place in the Laurens County Recreational Softball Tournament and took second in the East Dublin Recreational Softball Tournament. Left to right: Barry McDonald, Wayne Morris, Donnie Cammack, Charles McDonald, Allen McDonald, Joe Moxley. Second row: Rhodus Hardy, Grady Cammack, Jesse Bass, Donnie Smith, Chad Outler. Not pictured: Dale Pace and Steve Warnock.

Sorry to spoil the fun by giving you the names. Just enjoy the moment when all the world was young.

Others that week: Nursing Home, TPS program, Willie Shivers string of fish with one 18-pound channel cat, THS Band at Disney World, a revival card, Superwalk prizes.

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