Friday, April 9, 2010

1975 Treutlen's Biggest District Scout Camporee

75 0409
April 9, 1975

Troop 56 held the largest Pine Forest District Camporee ever with hundreds attending at the Scout hut and camping grounds provided by Mr. Kennon Gillis near US 221 at GA 86. Over a hundred negatives of the event were saved, including several posed groups of individual troops.

Others that week: A big catfish, a big bass, Ossie Jackson's garden, fatal wreck at Kibbee, Track meet, Livestock Show, Susie Thomas' birthday, and Horse Show at Billie Higgs' Treutlen Riding Arena. (THS loaned individual photos of all 18 Forestry contestants.)

Again, we request that you help identify by comments.

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diana said...

Tracy Willis is on the front row, 2nd from the end on the far right.