Tuesday, April 6, 2010

1985 4-H Cotton Boll

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April 3, 1985
This group of 4-H'ers went to Statesboro for the Cotton Boll and Clothing competition. Can you name them? If so put it in a comment, preferably on the blog itself.

Others that week: TPS spring program, Headstart Easter egg hunt, Robby Ware- sophomore in Governor's Honors Program, Robert McClendon and Cecil Montgomery with the first public rattlesnake of the season, Troop 671 Girl Scouts, Jews for Jesus rep. with Christ in Passover program, baseball.


Anonymous said...

Just off the top of my head...

Top row: Jamey Scott, ? , Jason Calhoun, Holly Hinson(?)

Bottom row: (?) Herndon, Lori Grinstead, Renee Richardson, ? , ?

I was in the same class with some of these folks, but it's been 25 years, so I'm a little slow with remembering the others.

Anonymous said...

Top row: Jamey Scott, Kenny Wilson, Jason Calhoun, Holly Hinson

Bottom Row,JoAnne Herndon, Lori Grinstead, Renee Richardson, Nicole Hall,Phaedra Stephens.