Tuesday, June 22, 2010

1980 Some of my negatives are hiding

Sometimes last year I made an enlargement of the water pump at Coursey Grove Church. The photo was made during the week of June 18, 1980, and all my negatives are hiding under the 3-foot pile near my scanner. Until I clean up and find them, we won't be sharing the photos of that week, which included a couple of VBS groups, bathroom renovation at TPS, fire at Ernest Collins's, Georgia Women's Clubs state convention in Soperton, and 4-H DPA.

Luckily, I had already scanned a couple of photos from that week - for fun and profit. Coursey Grove was a part of the collection of Big Lou's Second Street Bistro, accompanied by a verse of Scripture about living water.

The old log tobacco barn photo was made at the Mark Simons farm, and I made a print for Glenda Simons.

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