Saturday, December 30, 2006

J. W. Breaks Ground

J. W., although still young, was an experienced businessman. He started early. He worked hard. He had imagination. He knew people. He learned from others. People who know him well tell of his catching rides on weekends to town, where the action was. He worked with Harrells Grocery. He worked in the movie theater and he took over from Pal Amusement and owned and operated the Dan Theatre for quite some time. He owned and operated the tented roller rink behind the old shirt factory building. He rented the old Fowler Freezer Locker building (presently the Soperton Farm Center) where he ran his first grocery store. He as at that point when he bought land and started building.

In 30 years he built more, and bought and sold more. Now he is old enough to retire and hang it up, but this week he is still serving his customers at the store, and his smile is big and friendly and as youthful as ever.

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