Thursday, November 18, 2010

1975 Bobby Lee Gillis at 90

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November 19, 1975

Bobby Lee Gillis was one of the oldest living citizens when he turned 90, and he almost made it to 100, dying at the age of 99 in the summer of 1985. He was a son of David Gillis, and the family once lived in the log house, the oldest house in Soperton, that now stands in Jean Gillis Park.  Originally it stood on the high ground of Third Street near the Bill Hall house.  For many years it was in the Peterson swamp with gasoline equipment stored in and around it.  Clayton Stephens made sure it was saved when the Peterson property was sold, as it stood a few years on school property just  east of the Treutlen County Training Center. Mr. Gillis served as County Ordinary, and his interview during his nineties is now a part of local history.  His brother Marvin, lives in Illinois, where he became a noteworthy scientist and industrialist.

Others that week: Football and band, First Baptist Church on Troup Street and Atlanta police and motorcycles during President Ford's visit.

William A. Ricks 
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