Wednesday, November 24, 2010

1975 Our Winning Midget Team

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November 26, 1975

The picture was made just before they left for Waynesboro with the trophy from Dublin in front.  Sitting with the trophy are No. 13 Kermit Webb-HB, DB (left) and No. 50 Danny Shepard-T, MG (right).
Row kneeling, left to right: No. 30 Nicky Spikes-HB, No. 23 Tony Hunt-HB, N. 75 Tommy Drawdy-G, MG, No. 83 Tim Habersham-FB, No. 20 Albert Lawson-LB, No. 7 Danny Sweat-MLB, No. 37 Jeff McLendon-E, No. 84 David Renfroe-LB, No. 17 wendell Foskey-QB, DHB, No. 6 Jeff Raiford-DB, No. 26 Johnny Pace-DB, and No. 98 Kirt O'Neal-LB.
Back row: No. 68 Tommy Corbin-T, MLB, No. 45 Scott Braddy-QB, DE, No. 33 Roy Green-FB, OLB, No. 81 David Knight-T, OLB, No. 67 Ronnie Phillips-MLB, No. 5 Vince Wadley-E, No. 46 Marvin Baker-HB, DE, No. 52 Randall Little-G, DT, No. 86 James williams-E, No. 73 Jimmy Foskey-E, No. 80 Mitch Johnson-C, No. 69 Chet Cox-E, No. 40 Jimmy Sharpe-G, DT, and No. 41 Marty Keene-T.
Mark Hall, No. 84-E was not available for the picture.
Yes, they came home with another trophy from Waynesboro.

Others that week: Vidalia Parade's Treutlen entries, TPS program, Mrs. Hardy, Festival Committee on porch of Fowler-Lawton House, Boys Basketball Team, WYOK crew and building, TES kids, THS mirror bought by school newspaper budget.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this picture Bill!
It's fun to see my husband and so many of our friends! :)
-Cathy M. Pace