Thursday, November 11, 2010

1975 Oliver Speaks Farming

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November 12, 1975

I have no idea why I stopped and made a picture of the Oliver sign on the tin building across the street from the Courthouse.  I was always fascinated with the sight of that warehouse of corrugated galvanized metal contrasted with the surrounding buildings of brick.  Maybe I needed it for a Photo Quiz. "Oliver" just speaks farming. Who was the lawyer-turned-farmer in the the TV show "Green Acres"?  That's right, Oliver. How many Olivers can you name who were farmers in Treutlen County?  You can Wiki, as I did, to learn how James Oliver created a better plow in the midwest of the mid-1800s. Want to improve your education?  Ask an old farmer, "What is a number-ten Oliver?"

Others that week: Football, Mrs. Lavada Barwick's late-blooming day lily, FFA National Convention, TES exhibits, midget football team, Dr. Glawson and family.

William A. Ricks 
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