Thursday, November 4, 2010

1980 The Pruitts - Jancey and Twila

Jancey and a few of the students, while Twila waited off stage with others.

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November 5, 1980

The Million Pines Festival's attendance was at a plateau. Stage entertainment was unpaid and local. The exhibitor base was at a standstill. Then came along the Pruitts. They brought professional show business to Soperton and charged only for room and board. Mrs. Lady Darley was the contact who made it possible.  As time went on and the girls were growing up, they started teaching clogging as well as performing. In 1980 they brought all their top students to the festival.  Their Mom was one of the nicest people.  The family loved Soperton, and we reciprocated. Other cloggers appeared in later years, but none had the sparkle and pizazz of OUR World Champion Cumberland Cloggers.

Others that week: TES Halloween, Donna & Lauren Shurling, the wolfman at SPC, football and band, Gene Bowers's river project, the Hawkinses, Poppy Day, midget team, band awards, deer, Mrs. Hunter's students, kudzu near Kathy's beauty shop.

William A. Ricks 
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