Thursday, November 18, 2010

YOU ARE THERE - November 20, 1985

Carolyn Renfroe and Dianne Scott caught 145 bream and catfish from an unidentified local farm pond.

Caroline Gillis read 202 books in the Vacation Reading Club.

TES Principal Joe Moore's suggestion was approved by the BOE to change the school mascot from Eagles to Vikings, and the colors from green and gold to red and black.

People were squinting to see Halley's Comet.

Jerry Clower entertained at the state Farm Bureau Convention, attended by Chester Kight, A. D. Joiner, Eddie Young, and C. M. Moseley.

Michael J. Fox was "Teen Wolf" at the New Pal in Vidalia.

Elementary Football players enjoyed their banquet.

Fannie Belle Holton introduced "dish rag gourds" to many Treutlen Countians.  One of the vines at the Herbert Warnock place was over 60 feet long and still growing. After giving away many gourds, 50 big ones remained on the vine.  They're good for washing dishes, pots, and people.  (My vine from Mr. Herbert's seed grew to 35 feet with several gourds.  Wonder if anybody is growing them now, descendants of Miss Fannie Belle's first gourds?)

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