Tuesday, November 6, 2007

New Signs for 11/06/07

James Monroe (Crow) Moxley is getting ready for Thanksgiving down the street at Crow-Mart. From selection, preparation, cooking, carving, tasting, eating and sandwich and salad conversion, the master of the turkey and his able brain trust can help you with every turkey need. Gravy? Absolutely!

The new Alltel store is holding its grand opening, just down the street on the south side of Crow-Mart. Just south of Alltel (across the alley) is Soperrton Pharmacy, local agent for Cynthia Reese's Harlequin SuperRomance novels. 'The Baby Wait' and 'Where Love Grows' are available. May we suggest both volumes as a gift for your reading family and friends.

Posted by Bill Ricks

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