Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Bulldogs Romped

Although Wheeler County didn't play region varsity football until 1968, their program grew so well that they beat the starch out of Treutlen in the Vikings' final game of the season, 32-0.

Other pictures that week: 4-H square dancing, Library-Media Club went to convention; Mrs. Moxley's second graders presented a program at TPS; and Judy Jones's second graders made a field trip to Higgston.

Did you notice that I got ahead of myself? Mr. Kea's picture should have run before this one with the Mighty Vikings. Well scroll up and find the photo for the 2nd week of Nov. '77.

That's what happens when I get behind and try to catch up.

Thanks for all the comments about the blog. Took long enough. Longer than it took for you notice the 13x19's at Morings.

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