Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Our First Citizen of the Year


The first Citizen of the Year award was presented to W. W. Kea (right). Community leader Jack Pournelle presented the award. Pournelle was a City Councilman And Mayor Pro-Tem. He and his wife, Mary, were the founders of the Million Pines Festival, which he chaired for many years. He organized the Chamber of Commerce and served as the first president. He also led the effort to move th eBarwick log house to I-16 to become the Million Pines Welcome Center. He, as much as anybody, was responsible for the dynamic growth and the enthusiasm in the 1970's.

Other pictures that weeK: FFA Banquet - Carmen Heath was the first female member; Aubrey Braddy; Council candidates George McLeod and Gerald Smith; Juanita Youmans and Judge Towson; Choo Choo Home Center; the Football game; and a few hundred photos of the Festival.

Wonder whatever happened to the Citizen of the Year program? I know a lot of citizens who deserve the honor.

Posted by Bill Ricks - The Snapshooter of Soperton (or at least he used to be).

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