Thursday, September 16, 2010

Is a Vietnam Veteran Worth $28,000?

According to the Charleston Gazette:

Nearly 350,000 Vietnam War veterans, according to the Veterans Administration, have already qualified to receive Agent Orange-related disability payments.
A Veterans Affairs decision could increase the number of veterans collecting disability benefits related to Agent Orange to 500,000, which may cost taxpayers another $42 billion over the next 10 years.
Fact # 1- Only 150,000 veterans would receive the benefits.
Fact # 2- It is not likely that all 150,000 will live for another 10 years.
Fact # 3- The average benefit figures out to only $28,000 per year
Question-  Is a Vietnam Veteran worth that much?
"Jack" raised other questions as he commented on the article/editorial:

Why waste money on Veterans when this needed money could go to the rich for tax breaks?

We could also use this money to start another war against a third world country that can't defend itself.

We could also use this money to go to Mars by way of China or Russia.

We could also use this money to fund "Big Business" to help assist them in moving their "Union" businesses over-seas, you-know so they can compete with the global economy.

We could also use this money to create more off-shore Corporations to ...@@ the U.S. taxpayers even more.

We could give this wasted money to foreign financial institutions for a job well done.

We could give this nasty money to the "Oil Corporations" for the great job they are doing. Do I hear $100 a barrell, anyone, no, what about $5 per gallon for gasoline?

What about faith-based, non-profit institutions that funnel the money back into the Republican Party?

What about the Chamber of Commerce, now that's a group that really looks out for the people?

Be sure to consider Jack's views when Senator Jim Webb begins his Agent Orange Hearing next Thursday, September 23.

William A. Ricks 
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