Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Senator Burr Chimes in on Agent Orange

As the Agent Orange hearing will begin Thursday, the media opposition against Vietnam Veterans steps up.  Again, Mike Baker and the Associated Press are leading the charge.  Baker's article rehashes his previous articles with the new info that a leading Republican has joined Democrat Jim Webb in casting skepticism on the science of Agent Orange maladies.

In the Senate, Richard Burr, Republican, serves as ranking member of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee where he works to improve the quality of health care and service veterans receive, according to his website.

"We'd like to make sure that, one, the science has a causal link, and two, that the defined population is an appropriate one," Burr said in an interview, his first public comments on the topic.  That's Burr "working to improve the quality of health care and service for veterans." 

William A. Ricks
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