Saturday, September 11, 2010

YOU ARE THERE - September 10, 1980

The City of Soperton committed $30,000 on the new library with total local funding of $88,830. Total cost was $266,490.

Dove Season opened with Dr. McNair's annual bird hunt.

A storm hit Orland.

From the Sep. 12, 1930 newspaper: The members of Soperton's first Vocational Agriculture class were Ralph Chivers, Wilma Powell,  J. P. Ladson, Sidney Sherrod, Herman Courson, Dan Waller, James L. Gillis, Jr., Howard Gillis, Elman Williams, Herschel Thigpen, Felton Powell, Harry Smith, Hughie Sheppard, and Clinton Heath.

W. J. Kea celebrated his 95th birthday.

Mrs. Herbert Burns (Lieselotte) visited her daughter and family in Hawaii.

Johnny Pace was Teen of the Week.

William A. Ricks 
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Anonymous said...

I'll have to tell Johnny he was "teen of the week" that week! =)

-Cathy M. Pace