Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Well on Main Street

We ran across this "Treutlen Scrapbook" picture in the newspaper and thought it might be interesting to people who have never seen it.  The building at the right is today's headquarters of the CrowMart enterprises; you will notice the round-top windows and door of the original Bank of Soperton, used many years as a barbershop by J. D. Webb, James Willis, and recently by Officer Anderson.  The Southern Belle Florist building hadn't been constructed when the picture was made in 1913. The lot next to the two-story bank was vacant, too.

Nobody was ever identified in the picture. In addition to those gathered in front of the building, which was used by A. Estroff's Soperton Hardware, others stood looking from today's Soperton Pharmacy building. Notice the wooden well curb, typical of its time, almost in the middle of the road.

We did our best to determine the location where the photographer set his camera, most likely on a tripod and asked the CrowMart Crew to stand in the middle of the street where the old city well once stood. Only the fearless took us up on the offer: Buddy Byrd, Grahl Moxley (aka Little Crow), and Crow Moxley.  Kennon Peebles and Scrubby Barnhill went into hiding.  Grahl paid Crow $5 for a red vest for me to wear as some of the traffic was not slowing down to 35 mph.

William A. Ricks 
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Anonymous said...

Now, this is way cool! I love "then and now" pictures. Thanks Bill!
- Ed Nobles -