Wednesday, September 1, 2010

YOU ARE THERE - September 3, 1975

Over 200 were in the mud while 2,000 watched the Labor Day draining of Wildwood Lake.  They harvested bream, white perch, bass, garfish, and black fish.

The commissioners took a poll of the voters on subsidizing the hospital "in order to keep it open." (Voters said yes; hospital closed anyway.)

Windsor continue his "chat" on the movie "Jaws."

Ricks mentioned the Wildwood draining, but the main subject was his brother and niece going fishing at Shotgun's pond. 

A local poll indicated people preferred high prices over high unemployment.

Isaiah Banes of Camden, SC, visited his son, Willie L. Banes, and family in Soperton.

Derward toler was promoted by AT&T from Jacksonville to Atlanta. He earned his Doctor of Law at Emory in 1972. His undergraduate studies were at Berry.

During the previous year the newspaper published 1,412 pictures - an average of 27 per week. Countless other negatives were never printed. No wonder I'm tired.

William A. Ricks 
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