Friday, September 17, 2010

Simpson Becoming Scapegoat for Webb

Alan Simpson has stepped in to take the heat on the controversy surrounding Jim Webb's hearing due to start next week.  The VA announced a year ago that three new diseases would be added to the Agent Orange presumptive list.  Except for Webb's demand for a congressional hearing, the qualified Vietnam Veterans would already be receiving compensation.

Simpson's insulting remarks were designed to rouse fury by any Vietnam Veteran and their friends and families.  Read any of the articles and see that  Simpson's chief aim was to promote controversy as the hearing date of September 23 was drawing near.  Media attention will focus on Simpson with Webb quietly sliding by to live and play another day.

Alan Simpson Says Veterans Who Are Agent Orange Victims Are ‘Not Helping Us Save The Country’

Alan Simpson Has His Knives Sharpened for Agent Orange Victims

Alan Simpson Is One Lost Soul

William A. Ricks 
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