Wednesday, September 1, 2010

YOU ARE THERE - September 3, 1980

Wendell Foskey kicked a field goal and five consecutive PATs to beat Toombs Central.

Windsor wrote about excuses for speeding.

Someone called "Artie" (probably from Toombs Central) wrote a fine description of the Viking Band.

Ricks wrote about riding with Herbert warnock to the polls, driven by a professional bus driver from Macon, Robert Beasley.

"Slow Pokin" wrote about Patriotism and unity, ending dependence on foreign oil. He quoted President Carter: "The strength we need will not come from the White House, but from every house in America!"

Vollie McKenzie turned 80.

Regina Banes was Teen of the Week in Cynthia Hall's "Teen Scene".

The second annual football supplement promoted the 1980 students as well as recollection from the 60s.

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