Tuesday, July 6, 2010

1985 Six-Toed Kitten

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July 3, 1985

We wonder if boys nowadays have fun finding unusual things in nature. Back when they were young, Shawn Cox and brothers Jimmy and Donny Waters examined a kitten and found that it had 6 toes on each of its front paws. Knowing that it was newsworthy, they took it to the newspaper.
In 2010 with easy digital cameras in most families, we're wondering why we hardly ever see six-toed kittens on Facebook. "Are the good times really over for good?"

Others that week: Lions Club ladies night with widows invited, Lion of the year Gerald Shurling, softball, and assorted head shots of Jimmie Sue Mullen, Ruby Johnson, and Mrs. Ennis Warnock.

William A. Ricks
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