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1985 THS Class of 1965

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July 10, 1985

With over 80 students, the THS Class of 1965 was considered the largest ever with over 80 students. Certainly the largest of that era. Their 20-year reunion was held at Shoney's in Dublin.
The 42 members who attended were, in no particular order: Robert Williams, Betty Walker, Dale Edge, Tommy Holton, Annie Haggard, Gerald Hooks, Kennon Peebles, Millard Johnson, Sue Gillis Leslie, Gary Walden, Delores Walden, David Warnock, Donny Crosby, Floyd Atkinson, Evelyn Gillis Sumner, Katherine and Jerry Rogers, Jimmy Hall, Curtis Pope, Margie Haggard, Roger Meeks, Wynoka Braddy Holton, John Lee, Margaret McLendon, Sadie Walden, Billy Ely, Shirley Buckins, Sarah Cauley, Wanda Hanson, Patsy Parker Beasley, Mayes Brooks, Gail Foskey Avery, Carolyn Hutcheson Smith, Esteen Sharpe, Jo Kelly, Genelle Heath McDonald, Ernestine Moye, Judy Braddy Wade, Richard Ware, Faye Beck, Barbara Braddy.  Teachers attending: Louise Hall, Mildred Sessions, Elizabeth Sherrod, H. H. Glisson. Kent Miller entertained.

Others that week: 4-H, Wade Clark, Clayton's picnic, fireworks show, Sportsman's Club, watermelons sold on the corner, Mulberry Bush, Bruce McLendon with old-timey daisies, giant marigolds by Paula and Delmar Miller, Jr., Agnes Barwick with big tomato, Dennards Pee Wee team, and the 950 Lb. Club (minimum in 4 basic lifts).

William A. Ricks 
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