Saturday, July 31, 2010

Regardless of Jim Webb, Vets to Get Their Due

It appears now that regardless of Jim Webb's hearing on September 23, Vietnam Veterans will start receiving compensation a week later on October 1.  I've just received a letter to file information to the VA about my ischemic heart disease, one of the three new presumptive conditions.

My medical files relating to the disease were sent to the VA years ago. I will be sending them summary info so the severity of my condition can be determined and rated. I would like to receive 100%, but any level (minimum 10%) will be fine with me.  I now have Medicare and Social Security to live on, so I'm doing great.

I've been waiting for justice for about five years.  About 220,000 Vietnam Veterans have been waiting for satisfaction, some longer than I. (Satisfaction: remember the Rolling Stones singing while the troops water-skied on the Mekong River? "I can't get no satisfaction..."

In October, some of us vets will start receiving some satisfaction.

If anybody gets offended about my next two sentences, that's your problem, as I've earned my viewpoint: I will always remember which party was in the White House and simultaneously controlled Congress while claims were ignored and backlogged. I will always remember that a Democrat controlled Congress and a Democrat in the White House were responsible for launching this justification a year ago (Obama's first year in office).

I hope you will read the following link, published today:

William A. Ricks 
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