Wednesday, July 21, 2010

YOU ARE THERE - July 23, 1980

Amtrak rejected the "MD&S" route through Soperton in favor of a route through Tennille and Millen.

Treutlen County got a check for $144,794 as local option sales tax. Toombs, Montgomery, and Wheeler had not yet opted for a tax.

Frank Radford and Jim Crowdis were on the APDC board.

Windsor wrote about "The Empire Strikes Back".

Slow Pokin' (an anonymous local writer) wrote about Presidential Politics. Referring to Jimmy Carter's statment about whipping Ted Kennedy's (you know what) he wrote "Kennedy hasn't given up, yet. I guess we could say he has turned the other cheek."

Ricks wrote about Richard Queen and Iran. (Who?)

Patti Sumner attained Semester Honor Roll in Mrs. Rosalie Morgan's third grade.

The Cammack Reunion was held at the Community House.

Wind toppled a giant oak at the Albert Davis farm, so the boys had a busy weekend.

Pete Phillips announced the stocking of big channel catfish in the Oconee & Altamaha Rivers.

Mary Lou Mixon provided a snapshot of Crooked Run students.

A small fire was put out at a house on Wells Street.

Hail fell in Soperton. 

Picture from the Lumber City Log of Jerry and Jimmy Cooper who found something big on a set hook in the Ocmulgee River - 7' 8" sturgeon!

William A. Ricks 
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Anonymous said...

Aw, Patti made Honor Roll in my mother's class! =)
--Cathy M. Pace