Wednesday, July 28, 2010

YOU ARE THERE - July 30, 1980

State Highway Office denied a traffic light at GA 29 & GA 46 (the Sammons Funeral Home intersection) but approved widening GA 29 in front of McLeod's Stop N Shop.

A bunch of Cammacks and Asbells thrashed in a kiddie pool in the 100+ heat.

Work began on the newspaper's second annual football supplement. Lots of good football history in those first ones. Look it up at Connie Sumner's office.

Earl Salaam, Isaac Wright, and Delmas Gillis killed a timber rattler.

The Teen Scene by Cynthia Hall praised participants of the North-South All Star Basketbll Game at the Omni, starring: The THS Cheerleaders (yay!), Glenn Williams (yay!), and Coach John Morgan (yay!)

Pete Phillips announced $5,000 of matching funds for the Welcome Center.

Little League and Pee Wees won second in the All Star Tournament.

The Baby Dolls were first in the Women's Softball season.

Forty 4-Hers were at Camp Chatham for the week.

From "50 Years Ago", August 1, 1930: S. S. Mincy, 70, negro Republican leader of Ailey was kidnapped and died of a beating inflicted by masked and robed men. The editor (Horace Flanders, Sr.) called it "one of the most atrocious crimes ever perpetrated in this section."

Windsor and Ricks, both wrote about candidates and elections. Slow Pokin's wrote about Ted "King Edward" Kennedy.

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