Wednesday, December 8, 2010

1975 Making History

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December 10, 1975

Long story (even longer in my 1975 column). This is the day that Herbert Warnock, James Windsor, and I became the first people to travel Treutlen's I-16 from county line to county line. Okay, you see by the photo that we got stuck. I was driving the 66 Fairlane (only new car I ever owned), missed the landmarks and bottomed out in Emanuel County. It was getting dark and two construction workers on the way home radioed Louie Rotton, and soon the motor grader arrived.  Thanks to Virgil Graham, Skeeter Sellers, and G. W. Crawford, we were pulled to solid footing. Went on back to the construction of the two bridges over US 221 and on to the county line at Orland, where we found Mrs. Jerlene with fresh baked sweet potatoes and other good things to eat, washed down by the buttermilk we picked up at Rogers Store. (Good ol' days of the Off-Thursdays Club.)

Others that week: Basketball, Marnie Smith, SPC employees with Christmas tree, "stumpknocker's award", THS Debate Team, THS Hi-Y officers, Mrs. Claudia Pullen and Doris Nevels, Jaycees Charter Night, other I-16 construction.

William A. Ricks 
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