Thursday, December 23, 2010

YOU ARE THERE - December 24, 1975

"The Year in Review" was written by J. Clayton Burke, Jr.

"One of my unfulfilled dreams is to be the owner of a pick-up truck," wrote James Windsor to introduce a column by Sam Griffin. (After he sold the newspapers, he had enough money, but , instead of a pick-up, he bought a Lincoln Town Car.)

Bill Ricks wrote: "I remind you that your efforts during the past year which did not result in accomplished goals may instead serve as preparation for opportunities which lie ahed in the new year."

Estelle Palmer was recognized for 25 years of service by Soperton Manufacturing Company.  Others honored were: Marion Watts and Lorene Lumley (20 years); Ruby Joyce Tanner, Ann Clark, Eloise Phillips, Zelma Foskey, Inell Harris, Elma Phillips, and Anna Love (10 years).

Suburban Printing Corporation was featured in a two-page spread in the Editor's Forum recognizing the pioneering feat of composing four different weekly newspapers in one shop.

"The Treutlen Scrapbook" photo was Piney Grove School about 1920.  Names of students included Ricks, Powell, Johnson, Moore, Beasley, and Scott.

The city government didn't award "the key to the city," but inducted people into the  "Order of the Pine Stump" with an appropriate trophy.  Some jokingly called it "the stump-knocker award".

William A. Ricks 
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