Saturday, August 21, 2010

1980 Boosters Club Officers

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August 20, 1980

Clayton Stephens once confided in me that he would like to live a long time to be able to know changes and generations. I'm sorry that his life was cut way too short. I'm beginning to understand a bit of what Clayton had in mind. Today I look at Facebook and see the children and grandchildren of my contemporaries. I admire the children of these five people pictured, and I look back at the dedication and hard work, and I'm sure many worries, that the parents endured to bring us today's world.

These are the Boosters Club Officers, and I say "Good job" to them and their spouses: The late Billy Foskey, Joel Hutcheson, Katherine McLendon, Tommie Rotton, and Wade Clark.

Others that week: Trinidad citizens visited the Herbert Hall family, Kight Anniversary, H. H. Glisson, Jack Sweat, Patsy Poole, Wayne Sumner, Michelle McLendon, tennis court construction, Gene Dawson's rattlesnake, Adel Englebert's big catfish, new teachers, football practice, and SPC.

William A. Ricks 
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