Monday, August 16, 2010

YOU ARE THERE - August 13, 1975

The Police Department issued its monthly reports of drunkenness, fighting, reckless driving, and more. (It went on for several months until they caught the wrong person DUI and abruptly dropped the front-page feature.)

Beth Ellington won several swimming awards at Statesboro.

In a letter, George Fowler praised local citizens for supporting the Hebron Colony Fund of Boone, NC.  Whether or not it cured anyone of alcoholism, the program certainly provided some relief.

Windsor's column contained back-to-school jokes.

Ricks rehashed an article against deficit spending. It was called a Herman Talmadge plan, but at the same time the Senator was fighting for every federal dime available for "defense spending" mostly to benefit Georgia. Herman's Dad would say, "Yes, I stole the money. But I stole it for you!" Deficit spending is still in the news in 2010.
William A. Ricks 
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