Friday, August 27, 2010

Shinseki Supports Agent Orange Claims

At the national convention of Veterans of Foreign Wars, Tuesday, VA Secretary Eric Shinseki said that he is happy to explain the rationale of adding three new diseases to the Agent Orange presumptive list.

Veterans Today reports:

Vietnam Veteran Shinseki was appointed by President Obama and confirmed on January 20, 2009. He is leading the VA in fulfilling Obama's Campaign Promise #114, part of which is to reduce the claims backlog that kept increasing during the past several years. Additional claims workers have been employed to work on the 400,000 case backlog.

On a personal note, my VA claim is older than five years, so I know and feel the pain of having been neglected for so long.

When Shinseki was appointed  by the President, the action was praised by  veterans groups. John Rowan, president of the Vietnam Veterans of America, said in a statement, "His selection certainly lives up to Mr. Obama's promise to bring change and hope to Washington. VA bureaucrats, for whom 'change' is a dirty word, will learn that there really is a new game in town. Veterans of all political persuasions should take heart and applaud this choice."

Until this year the VA had acted as adversary on veterans claim, but as of April, 2010, the VA has become  the veteran's advocate.

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Shinseki: Vietnam Veteran, Boy Scout, and more:

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