Tuesday, August 3, 2010

1980 Oconee River Improvements

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July 30, 1980

DNR Deputy Director Pete McDuffie, Representative Pete Phillips, and RC&D Coordinator look at plans for a state/local project for the Oconee River to improve three boat landings at Pete Davis Dead River, Highway 46 bridge, and Clark's Bluff Landing.  There was rip-rap, paving, picnic tables, toilets, and more.  After the project was complete, in a short time vandals had ruined just about everything except the pavement and concrete.

Others that week: The "strip" at evening, phone company excavation to enhance the Lothair area, TPS handicap ramp, Krystal Hooks, Gary Brooks family, James Windsor's birthday cake, timber rattler, courthouse walkway, newspaper building, 4-H trip to Savannah, laying big conduit for underground phone lines, Asbells and Cammacks in kiddy pool.

William A. Ricks
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